My Thoughts After Watching Dunkirk

If you have been on the fence about whether you should watch Dunkirk, or are trying to decide if you should shell out the cost to see it on the big screen as opposed to waiting until it comes to Netflix, I urge you to go see it. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, this is one of those movies where the action scenes will look 100 times better at the theatre than they will on your own television or computer screen.

What Oren Loni Loved About Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan took a chance with this movie by using three different POV’s which turned into three different storylines, which didn’t always seem like they were interconnected, but worked well together. While there are lots of different movies that use this multi-POV narrative, few due it as successfully as Nolan.  That being said, if your attention wanders, even for just a few seconds during a change in POV, it can result in you getting the impression that the film’s choppy or disjointed.

Nolan didn’t shy away from letting the character’s action speak volumes. This is particularly true of of the scenes.

Can we just take a moment to consider the fact that, with the exception of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this represents one of the few times that American movie fans will enjoy Kenneth Brannagh in action, and they won’t be disappointed. His role as Commander isn’t very long, but he place it with a true understatedness I admire. Each time he appeared on the screen, he had my undivided attention.

Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ Was on Point

What Oren Loni Loved About Dunkirk

Prior to seeing it first hand, I was worried that Dunkirk would bore me. First, historical movies aren’t always known for being fast paced, even when they take place during a battle. Plus, Christopher Nolan himself stated that he didn’t consider Dunkirk a war movie so much as a survival movie, something I have a difficult time getting excited about.

I shouldn’t have worried. From the opening credits to the end credits, the action never lets up, though there were times when a tiny break might have been nice. I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. For me, the most exciting bits were the ones that focused on Farrier as he handled his spitfire. I swear I felt every roll and tilt of the battered little plane.

I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and his work on Dunkirk doesn’t disappoint. The music does a wonderful job of showcasing the action happening on the screen without overpowering it. I downloaded the score as soon as I got home and am listening to it right now.

What Oren Loni found Disappointing about Dunkirk

It’s not easy to find things I didn’t like about Dunkirk, but if pressed, I’d have to say that every once in a while, Christopher Nolan and his film crew appears to have gotten so caught up in the action and the movie’s plot, that they didn’t put quite as much effort into getting as much out of some of the secondary actor’s performances as they could have, and as a result, it occasionally seemed as if the actor was simply reciting lines instead of putting their all into a scene. Again, the times that this happened were few and far between. I’m also guessing, that each of these scenes had been proceeded by an incredibly long day of filming and that everyone was exhausted.

There are a few anachronisms that will bother people who have a strong grasp of history, but I’m willing to forgive those small issues to focus on just how wonderful this fast-paced movie turned out to be. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t get a few Oscar nominations.

Oren Loni’s Final Thoughts Regarding Dunkirk

This is one of those movies that I know I’m going to purchase the day the DVD comes out and that I’ll watch that DVD about 50 times. I just know that there’s was all sorts of things I probably missed and will only catch after several rewatches.

Did you manage to catch Dunkirk? What did you think of Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece?

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