Oren Loni’s Tips to Staying Healthy While Eating Fast Food

I’m the kind of guy who will happily spend the whole day in the kitchen, painstakingly putting together an elaborate five course dinner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy treating myself to fast food. Not only do I enjoy the convenience of grabbing a bag of hot fast food when I’m to busy to cook, but I’m also somewhat addicted to greasy food.

Now that I’m a little older, and reluctantly realizing that I can no longer eat whatever I want and still expect to button my favorite pair of jeans, I’ve been looking for ways I can still enjoy dining at my favorite fast food places and remain healthy.

I’ll be honest, making healthy food choices while at fast food places isn’t always easy. It’s not always fun. But with a little thought and determination it’s possible.

Look for Healthy Options

I’ve noticed that more and fast food places have added some healthy options to their menus, this is good news when you’re trying to remain slim. Don’t assume that you can only eat salads when you’re eating out. What I do is replace my French fries with the little packages of fruit that they now include for the kids (at certain locations). They’re not quite as fun as fries, but they’re better for me. Healthy eating keeps me focused when I’m watching movies and writing my reviews. It’s no accident I try to be as thorough as possible when writing my review.

Consider the Toppings

Fast food places have lots of choices for toppings and you can use those options to your advantage. Instead of mayo, add more mustard to your burger. Add extra vegetables to make up for the sautéed mushrooms and onion that come on your favorite burgers. Don’t think that this makes a difference, start adding up the calories. I think you’ll be surprised. I noticed that I was able to lose about 5-10 pounds in extra water weight by watching what I eat. It’s the little things that make a bid difference.

Skip the Soda-pop

Honestly, the best way to stay healthy and eating fast food is by skipping the soda. It’s nothing but sugars that go straight to your waistline. At least I noticed that for myself. It’s different for everyone. If you can’t get excited about the idea of drinking ice water, consider the low sugar, low calorie choices that some fast food restaurants are stocking.  Some places, like sandwich shops, serve vitamin-infused water which is a tasty, healthy alternative to sugar filled soda pop.

Stick to Small Portions

I know, fast food places offer combos and burgers that basically convince you that in order to get the biggest bang for your buck, you should order the biggest burger the establishment has and make it a jumbo sized combo. Before placing the order, stop and ask yourself if saving a couple of cents is really worth the toll the food puts on your body. I don’t think so. Stick to smaller meals and smaller burgers. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. I sure am and that’s why I’m introducing this new theme to my blog.

Go with Grilled Instead of Fried

As tasty as fried chicken is, it’s really not healthy. Stick to grilled chicken instead. As an added bonus, you know that grilled chicken always tastes great, whereas the quality of the fried chicken depends on how recently the fryer oil was changed.

Everything about this article is my view and not the view of actually Eating Healthy or where you should eat. If you are interested in eating healthy or receiving tips, seek a professional that offers eating healthy tips (or in the field of nutrition). This is not a food blog or a healthy eating blog; however I do enjoy to write about whatever comes to mind.

What tips do you have for making healthy choices while eating fast food?

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    Mr. Oren Loni, you know I love eating fast food!! You’re article really demonstrates a lot of thought you put into writing this. The Toppings are my favorite.

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