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Four Times Michael Keaton Wowed and Amazed with His Acting Skills

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best things about Spiderman: Homecoming was that it put Michael Keaton back on the silver screen.

Oren Loni always had a soft spot for Keaton and feel that he’s never really gotten the credit he’s do as an actor. Not only does he have great comedic acting skills but he is also one of those rare actors who can take a character like Toombs, who he played in Spiderman, and give him added layers that other, less skilled actors, wouldn’t be able to manage. I think it’s that ability that made him so great during his time as Batman. Once the suit went on, he embodied the Dark Knight, but when he stepped back into Bruce Wayne, there was something vulnerable and a little insecure about him which added a layer to the character that I’ve never felt any of the other actor’s captured.

Seeing him in Spiderman: Homecoming got me thinking about Michael Keaton’s greatest roles. Read my perspectives on Movies here:

Oren Loni’s View on Batman

Considering that this will be the role that Michael Keaton will always be remembered for, it’s hard to believe that when news that he’d been cast was first announced more than three decades ago, comic book fans weren’t happy. As a comic book fan, I get it. The character is supposed to be imposing, he’s uberwealthy, he’s a vigilante, and he’s the kind of guy that, even though he’s technically a good guy, you wouldn’t want to encounter in a dark alley. At that point in his career, Michael Keaton was a skinny, funny guy who didn’t seem to take himself all that seriously. How could he possibly be Batman.

Looking back it’s easy to see that Tim Burton knew exactly what he was doing when he cast the comic actor. Keaton owned the role of Batman. For many, he will always be the best Batman. He has the distinction of introducing many to the role.

While Keaton rocked both movies in which he played the Dark Knight, I personally think he was a bit better in Batman Returns, but that just my opinion.

Oren Loni’s View on Beetlejuice

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.”

It’s literally impossible to even think about the cult hit, Beetlejuice, without hearing the iconic quote rattling through your brain. I had the opportunity to watch this movie for the second time a few months ago and I loved it even more than I did the first time I watched it. It’s a great, underappreciated, film. It’s so bizarre and unique that even without the truly phenomenal cast, I’m sure it would have been a hit.

This marked Keaton’s first big movie role and was what made him a familiar name. Beetlejuice’s strange behavior gave Keaton an opportunity to showcase an almost psychedelic type of acting that only Johnny Depp seems capable of matching.

I’ll be a bit surprised if I don’t hear about a remake in the near future. I’d be even more surprised if Depp didn’t play the leading role, though I’d prefer it Keaton picked up the stripes and face paint a second time.

Oren Loni’s View on Jackie Brown

While Beetlejuice perfectly showcased Keaton’s comedic skills, his supporting role in Jackie Brown provided him with the opportunity to display his strong dramatic abilities which were only hinted at when he played Batman. While Keaton was brilliant in the role, the fact that Quentin Tarantino directed the film which was based on an Elmore Leonard (the author behind the brilliant Justified television series) didn’t hurt any.

Much Ado About Nothing

Few people who aren’t diehard fans of Keaton know that he has a knack for Shakespeare. This was a skill he was allowed to show off when he portrayed Dogsberry, in Kenneth Brannaugh’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. Keaton was just one of the very famous actors to appear in this little known, but really, really good, movie version of the famous play.

What’s your favorite Michael Keaton movie?

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