Oren Loni is about to hit another milestone in his life

How is it that Oren Loni is about to reach a new goal in such a short period of time? Oren discovered the idea of keeping things simple and to the point. On Oren’s blog, he has published articles about his views on movies. Just yesterday, he mentioned how much he loves Christopher Nolan and his movies. Okay… I’m going to stop writing in the third person now. I’m super excited because I noticed that I’ve been blogging for about a month already. I’ve been so busy with work, my personal life, and working out that I actually didn’t think it would be possible that I would create and maintain my very own Oren Loni website.

Oren Loni is on a Roll

Like I said many times before, and I’ll say it again, writing became my new obsession and I’m coming up with new ideas on the regular. I’ve even started publishing ideas on Ideapod. You can read ideas on what Oren Loni thinks about the economy. I discuss various topics like technology, science, the economy, and of course my personal favorite philosophy. When I’m not writing my personal views on movies, like spiderman or extremely epic car scenes, I enjoy to treat myself in some creative writing. Oren Loni is on a new roll expressing his writing on a level that’s new to him.


A Lighthearted Confession from Oren Loni

I bet you didn’t see headline coming? Hey Oren needs to grab your attention one way or another. Oren Loni has a little confession to make. Before he even rolled out his blog, he didn’t even know how to use the computer. Yep, you read that right. Oren Loni struggled with computer stuff. All he really knew how to do was turn on and off the computer. Browsing the web and and creating profiles was not something that came easy for Loni. His new blog life comes in handy as he publishes new blog articles and navigates his way around web pages.

Oren Loni wants to Say Thank You

One again, I want to thank everyone who has followed me on twitter or pinned any of my posts. I’m truly honored when I have a fellow blogger write a comment or retweet a post of mine. The creativity some fellow bloggers is amazing to say the least. I’m learning new things every day and I’m grateful for that. I get to stumble upon many creative writers and see what their passion is. I noticed that there are a lot of fashion bloggers and journalist out there. Thank you for reading my articles and there’s more to come. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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