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Oren’s Tips for Staying Comfy at the Movie Theatre

Going to the movies isn’t cheap so you want to make sure you enjoy the entire experience. Dressing appropriately goes a long way towards heightening the amount of pleasure you get from the 2+ hours you’re at the theater.

Oren Loni’s Tip: Don’t Eat a Big Meal Before Hand

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they go out to the movies is eating a huge meal first. This is particularly true when that movie is part of a date night. Big meals do one of two things. They either make you so tired you fall asleep before the previews wrap up and you miss the entire featured presentation, or you’re so stuffed, you’re uncomfortable the entire time you’re seated.

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On the other hand, you don’t want to be too hungry before the movie starts either. That leads to blowing your entire night’s budget at the concession stand.

My advice is this:

Oren Loni advises the following: eat a quick snack or mini-meal beforehand. If you’re starting from home, make a sandwich or boil an egg or two. When my girlfriend and I go out to the movies, we generally a lot ourselves enough time to stop somewhere and grab something quick to eat, like a burger slider. This takes the edge off your hunger enough that a small popcorn gets you through the movie, and you’re still ready to treat yourself to a big meal afterwards. This is also why I prefer to go to movies that start earlier in the evening as opposed to the late night feature.

A Tip from Oren Loni: Dress Appropriately

I laugh whenever I walk into the theater and see some guy who is obviously on a date and dressed to impress the girl. Sure, he looks nice and I’m sure she’s flattered, but the only thing I can ever think is, man, he’s going to be so miserable and uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob, but try wearing something that’s a little loser and less stiff. Save the fancier duds for a different occasion.

And ladies, my girlfriend wants me to point out that during the summer, the A/C will be cranked so you might want to think about wearing long sleeves and jeans instead of the teeny tiny sun dresses.

Another Tip: Choose Your Seat with Care

Have you seen the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon goes to great lengths to find the best seat in the house? Sure, it looks goofy to some people, but as someone who spends a great deal of his time in a movie theatre, I have to say his behavior seems justified to me. I put real effort into choosing my seat. I don’t want to be so close the speakers that it takes my hearing a week to return. I don’t want to be so close to the screen that I get a crick in my neck or so far away that I’m squinting. And I like spreading out, which means that whenever a movie theatre offers VIP seating with wider chairs for a few extra dollars, I practically shove my money in their face. It’s even better if the chairs recline.

What about you? How do you stay comfy when you go out to the movies? Let me know.