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Oren Loni’s Tips: Making the First Date a Movie Date

As far as I’m concerned, movies are a great choice when you’re looking for somewhere to go on a first date. I actually met my girlfriend while she was standing in line behind me to see a movie. I do think there are some things you can do to ensure that the first movie night date night is enjoyable for both of you.

Pick a Nice Theatre

Personally, I love older theatres that are often run by a skeleton staff and where your shoes stick to the floor, ticket prices are cheap, and the sound system occasionally crackles, but I don’t think they’re a nice choice for a first date. Remember you’re trying to impress your date, not give her the impression that you’re cheap. Choose a location that feels modern, clean, and provides a high quality movie experience.

Take Your Time When Selecting a Movie

Unless you know the girl is into car movies or slasher films, you probably shouldn’t plan on seeing those on the first date. It’s been my experience, that in this case, it’s best to not choose what you see, but rather to ask for her opinions. Not only will this give you an idea about her taste in cinema, but you can explore how well the two of you work together when a decision needs to be made. My girlfriend and I have had some great times while reading through current showings.

One piece of advice, if you aren’t able to agree on the same movie, it’s generally best to go along with what she chose.

Oren Loni Says: Show Up On Time!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting at her place or at the movie theatre, get there on time. This goes back to making a good first impression. The only thing you arriving late accomplishes is making her irritated and stressing you out.

Put a Little Thought into Your Actions

I’m learning that when it comes to making my girlfriend happy, the littlest things go a long way. For example, it doesn’t cost me anything to hold the door for her or to let her choose where we sit at the theatre. She does notice and appreciate these actions and is more likely to agree when I want to see a movie she might want to skip or some other minor decision I want to go my way.

The best thing about this is that so many of her friends have also noticed and are constantly telling her what a sweet and respectful boyfriend I am. It might not seem like much, but I figure every little reminder that I’m a good catch goes a long way towards creating a long and happy relationship.

Go to the Movie First

I think that it’s always better to do the movie first and the dinner second. Even now that my girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years, that’s how we handle movie/dinner dates. By hitting the movies first, we’re able to discuss it over dinner and there aren’t any awkward silences between us. Sometimes we’ve even engaged the neighboring tables and the wait staff in the conversation.

How do you like to handle first dates that take place at the movies?

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