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I’m always grateful by people’s interest in my writing and movie reviews. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions I gathered from my social media channels and from my contact page on this website.

What is your favorite genre of movies? My favorite genre has been action adventure flicks. I’m highly interested in car scenes and drama. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of romantic comedies with my girlfriend. She has soften me up the past couple of months.

It’s a Friday night and I want to watch a movie! Any recommendations? What ever peeks your interest. If you’ve been feeling extra chirpy, you should watch comedies (maybe with Adam Sandler) instead of a horror or an action movie. If you’re diving into perspectives or culture, maybe a good drama about things that happened in the past could be just want you’re craving. It really all depends on all you’re feeling. Everyone has their own movie of the year.

Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration is all around us. All we need to do is close our eyes and open our hearts and minds. I’ve been asking myself questions – like who am I? What’s Oren Loni’s true calling in life? Am I a good writer? Do people actually like me?

I would get inspiration when I would open my mind to the possibility that everything is possible. I would set goals. Inspiration is all around us.

What’s your favorite platform to blog or write articles? I currently use about 4 platforms to write. These platforms are WordPress (my website), blogspot, Quora, and Medium. Each platform is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. I enjoy writing on blogspot the most. It’s the easiest platform for me. You can read my other blog (about ideas and life) at Let me know what you think?

What’s your favorite social media platform? I really like twitter. I enjoy to catch up on the latest trends and hashtags that twitter is able to offer. I use all the different social channels like pinterest, myspace, and tumblr (even though that’s also a blog platform). I would narrow my favorite to twitter at this moment. My second favorite is pinterest. I get a lot of inspiration from browsing through that platform. I enjoy reading motivational quotes, looking at new homes and cars. Actually it’s hard to pick between the two, but I would say twitter, because I feel that twitter gives you a voice and pinterest is a hobby of collecting pictures.

How Can I start a blog? How did you start? I started to blog by searching on how to start a blog, like everyone else. I didn’t know that much about platforms or building a community. I was a rookie (and I’m still learning) about building a community and designing my blog for my community. I would say, build something and dedicate your time and passion into it. The more you invest your time in blogging and making new friends within your community of bloggers, the better your blog will become and the stronger your voice.