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Thank you for Visiting my Website. If you would like to ask me anything, feel free to contact me.

Contact Oren Loni

You contact contact me in many ways. I actually think that being social is a great medium to talk. I’m active on my twitter account and I will certainly reply back to comments on my my many blog articles.

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A little About Me

Once again, I want to say thank you for stumbling on my blog. It’s actually an honor to have friends and fellow bloggers reading my articles and following me on social media. When I was younger I knew that I wanted to start a blog, like this one. I started to write on my spare time and before I knew it, I had to start a blog. I was surprised that their are so many amazing platforms that let writers write. For instance, I created a account with a website called Medium. Medium lets you blog, just like other free platforms like Blogspot and WordPress. You can follow me and read my latest articles on Medium at I also ask a lot of questions and write about a lot of ideas. Their’s a great platform on the web that let’s you jot down ideas and share it within the idea community. This website is called Ideapod. It’s one of my favorite platforms for Idea sharing. You can read my ideas at

Have a Question

I’m always asking questions and so I assume that my fellow bloggers will also pose meaningful questions, like “what movies have I seen lately” or “will you check out my short on Amazon or Youtube?” I sometimes get inquiries from super talented movie people to check them out on IMDb or watch their series on Youtube. If you have a movie you want me to check out, let me know. I’ll be happy to check it out and even write a review.