My Latest Perspective on One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo Review by Oren Loni The movie should be plain stupid, but it’s not. From the moment Robin William’s character is introduced, he invokes a sense of general unease. Which is weird, because aside from the horrible blond hair, he looks loveable and funny, just like he did in all his brilliant comedies. [...]

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Hollywood Magic or a Dud: Snatched Review

Snatched Review by Oren Loni A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I finally got around to seeing Snatched. I’ve actually been looking forward to this movie for quite a while because in my mind, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schummer seem like a pretty much unbeatable combination. According to Hollywood gossip, Amy Schummer worked hard [...]

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3 Best Car Films of the 21st Century

Earlier this week I managed to sneak away and watch Baby Driver in the movie theatre. While I was personally unimpressed by the movie, it did start me thinking about all the great car movies that have been made over the years, particularly those made this year. Cars Hey, I can’t help myself. I was [...]

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5 Best Car Chase Scenes of the 21st Century

After watching Baby Driver, I got to thinking about the car chases I’ve seen over the past few years. This is the list of what I feel represent the best car chase scenes of the 21st Century. Lucy I’ve watched a lot of movies that feature car chases through the years, and while there have [...]

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