Celebrating Over One Month of Blogging

Congratulations Oren Loni for Blogging for Over One Month It’s been over 50 days Oren Loni published his first post on his blog. You can read Oren Loni’s first article here. The niche started as movies, but among the weeks of publishing articles, Oren’s writing has drifted to more broad perspectives, such as ideas, philosophy, [...]

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How Oren Loni Discusses Spiderman’s Super Powers and How Spiderman: Homecoming Handled Them

One of the things that really bothered Oren Loni about Spiderman: Homecoming was that the movie really didn’t do much to show people who aren’t familiar with the character (which, let’s be honest, is most of them. Comic books happens to be an under-appreciated genre) what special powers he had. Sure they know he can [...]

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Oren Loni’s Tips to Staying Healthy While Eating Fast Food

I’m the kind of guy who will happily spend the whole day in the kitchen, painstakingly putting together an elaborate five course dinner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy treating myself to fast food. Not only do I enjoy the convenience of grabbing a bag of hot fast food when I’m to busy to [...]

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This is What Oren Loni Has To Say About Michael Keaton

Four Times Michael Keaton Wowed and Amazed with His Acting Skills As far as I’m concerned, one of the best things about Spiderman: Homecoming was that it put Michael Keaton back on the silver screen. Oren Loni always had a soft spot for Keaton and feel that he’s never really gotten the credit he’s do [...]

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Oren Loni is about to hit another milestone in his life

How is it that Oren Loni is about to reach a new goal in such a short period of time? Oren discovered the idea of keeping things simple and to the point. On Oren's blog, he has published articles about his views on movies. Just yesterday, he mentioned how much he loves Christopher Nolan and [...]

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Oren Loni’s Favorite Film Director: Christopher Nolan and His 4 Biggest Movie Hits

Guess who's excited for this weekend? You got it, Oren Loni is super charged for Christopher Nolan's epic movie hits. I don’t know what you’re doing this weekend, but I have tickets to catch Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece, Dunkirk. I can’t wait. Yep, Oren Loni has been looking forward to this film since I first [...]

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