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Oren Loni Bio

To the rest of the world, I probably look like an average guy who works hard to pay his bills, who owns a beagle, has a hot girlfriend, and who likes taking long drives through the countryside, particularly in the fall when the leaves are changing. But when you get to know me a little better, you’ll discover I have a hidden superpower. I’m a movie watching super hero.

As long as I’m watching a movie, I’m happy. So far I haven’t encountered a movie genre I don’t like and I’ve seen them all. Right now I’m particularly fond of the movies based on comic book characters, which is handy since there seems to be a new one released each month.

In addition to comic book movies, I’m also fond of cheesy monster movies, movies with lots of car chases, sci-fi, and Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Want to know what I thought about a particular movie, then check out my blog posts. I think you’ll like them.

oren loni bio