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oren loni

If there’s one thing Oren Loni loves, it’s movies. Whether it’s going to see them at the movie theatre on opening night, spending an afternoon crashed on the couch watching a Hitchcock marathon, or attending a film festival, he savors each moment that’s dedicated to watching movies. He even enjoys the bad ones. Oren Loni isn’t just a guy who watches movies and writes reviews. He enjoys exploring the culture that surrounds the movie making business, the history of movie making, bizarre facts, and just about everything in between. He enjoys taking the knowledge and passing it on to others who get as a big a thrill from movies as he does. Based in Michigan, Oren Loni enjoys walking his beagle, Riddler, eating pop corn, and washing his car. The fact that he managed to find a girlfriend who not only tolerates his movie obsession, but is happy to watch movies all day with him, is all the convincing he needs to know that he’s the luckiest person in the world.