Celebrating Over One Month of Blogging

Congratulations Oren Loni for Blogging for Over One Month

It’s been over 50 days Oren Loni published his first post on his blog. You can read Oren Loni’s first article here. The niche started as movies, but among the weeks of publishing articles, Oren’s writing has drifted to more broad perspectives, such as ideas, philosophy, and all around lifestyle posts. Oren Loni has published a handful of ideas on a popular platform called ideapod. You can follow his profile and support his ideas at https://www.ideapod.com/OrenLoni and stay up to date on the latest trends directly from Oren.

congratulations oren loni

His passion for writing started when he first decided that it would be a good idea to publish his views on movies and TV shows. As he developed his style as a writer, he later noticed that his taste for movies has gradually changed to softer, more romantic flicks compared to his favorites — which included car chases, a lot of action adventure, and fast-pace drama. Oren has published his late night movie flicks on his other blog on blogspot. In case you haven’t followed him on twitter yet, you should definitely check out his little journal he called The Idea Quest.

Oren’s View on Writing

Everyone has a different flow to writing and Oren Loni is no exception to the rule. Writing should be a passion, especially since a blog is involved to connect with followers and others in the blogging community. Oren’s view of writing has certainly matured compared to his earlier works. Oren celebrates his accomplishments as a blogger for the content he writes about and the ideas he expresses on various platforms. Oren is proud of his work and is equally proud of the community he established himself in, as a movie and (everything else) blogger.

Curiosity can get the best of everyone, including Oren. Ideas, questions, and answers are important for one’s evolution. Oren is no stranger to asking questions and getting the best possible answers. Quora has been an invaluable platform for Oren in regards to thinking outside the box and asking questions about life, blogging, and technical inquiries about plugins. Read Oren’s articles at https://orenloni.quora.com.

Everyone has a unique view and Oren believes that everyone is entitled to share their thoughts and feelings. Blogging has been an ideal medium to express his passions on one platform, the Internet. Writing helps build oneself to think outside their comfort zone and develop inner confidence in their thought process.

Cheers for Another Month of Blogging

When one goal is accomplished, another goal sets in. For Oren Loni, blogging appeared to be a challenge. It’s difficult to effectively express what you want to say.

The challenge of blogging is actually writing consistently and staying relevant to myself. Trying to connect with the right community has also been difficult in the start. I use social media to connect with awesome bloggers and support their work. My hope was for my work to get supported as well. I’m growing, little by little, and it’s so much fun. The experience of blogging is wonderful. I’m looking forward to growing out my niche.

Oren Loni Twitter

Follow Oren Loni on Twitter @oren_loni. Catch up on his latest tweets from his blog or anything else. Whether the subject matter is how he feels or politics, Oren will tweet about it. If you would like to stay up to date on what Oren has to say about the newest spiderman movie or what’s the best car scenes of all time are, Oren will most likely tweet it. His view on the movie scene stays consistent, like his ideas about blockchain technology, you can read oren’s questions about bitcoin here.

Twitter has served as a ideal platform to spread a little bit of content in a easy to get way. Within a select number of characters and hashtags, twitter forces you to stay relevant to your intended message. It’s easy to get lost in your words with a note, so when you tweet, you’re sending out what you really want to say. It’s that simple.

Whether the subject matter is Oren’s view on eating (like choosing the right combo in fast food restaurants) or scoring free movie passes, he will cover that. Stay up to date on Oren’s ideas on his Pinterest account. Click here to learn more about Oren Loni on Pinterest.


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