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The Oren Loni Way: Get Free Tickets and Go to a Movie Screening

My geographical location mean I seldom have an opportunity to go to a movie screening, but when I do get the opportunity, I never pay for the experience.

No, I don’t have a magic system that allows me to get into movie screening for free. I don’t know the right people and I don’t sneak into the event and spend the entire time cowering in the back. The truth is, anyone can get into the screening for free. The catch is that there’s a limited amount of space and admission is first come first serve.

The good news is that I can teach you a few tricks to make sure you’re always one of the lucky ones.

Oren Loni recommends GoFobo

Technically, GoFobo doesn’t give you free tickets to movies screenings, but it does make it easy to learn what screenings are taking place in your little corner of the world. The way that GoFobo works is that the various movers and shakers connected to a movie contact the movie website and provide them with a great deal of information about where and when the screening are taking place. They also provide several advanced screening passes.

A Tip from Oren Loni

GoFobo takes the information and posts it. If an event is listed, it means that there’s still a ticket available, you just have to RSVP. The site only allows to accounts for each physical address so there might not be enough tickets to go around, but even a few passes is better than none at all.

I know one person who uses GoFobo to score screening tickets. She takes one of the tickets for herself and uses the other to treat one of her children. She feels the advanced tickets provide her with a cheap way to reward her kids for the various things they do around the house.

Utilize Social Media

When it comes to passes to movie screenings, you should never underestimate the power of social media. It’s not uncommon for a few free passes to be given to the followers of a PR firms twitter or FaceBook account. These tickets tend to go fast, so plan on frequently updating your newsfeed. Don’t follow any PR firms, not a problem. Most use the movie’s name as a hashtag. Click the hashtag and scroll through the list until you find info about free advanced screenings.

Sometimes directors, producers, actors, and even general crew will use their own social media accounts to post information about free screenings

Pay Attention to Local Radios, News Programs, and Newspapers

Believe it or not, it’s possible to find information about all sorts of movie screenings from local news outlets. It’s been my experience that the local news outlets won’t necessarily be able to provide you with advanced passes like GoFobo does, but they do tell you the time and location of the screening. All you have to do is go there and stand in line. The location will keep admitting people for as long as they have seats. Don’t get discourage if the screening is ready to begin and you haven’t been admitted. It’s possible that someone who ordered advanced tickets didn’t make it an that you’ll still be allowed in.

So have you been to any movie screenings? Which movie and did you enjoy the experience? How did you learn about the screening?

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