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My Latest Perspective on One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo Review by Oren Loni

The movie should be plain stupid, but it’s not. From the moment Robin William’s character is introduced, he invokes a sense of general unease. Which is weird, because aside from the horrible blond hair, he looks loveable and funny, just like he did in all his brilliant comedies.

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The inkiness of the character increases as we watch him develop one roll after another of the family’s film, not just keeping the extra photos, but putting them up on the wall and genuinely acting like they belong there, like he’s a much loved grandfather waiting for them to return. The acting, the writing, and the directing make it clear that despite his affable nature, this man is very close to becoming unglued.

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The really horrible part is watching him interact with the family. On the surface, the interactions seem very innocent, but since the viewer knows what’s going on inside the developer’s head, it’s hard to resist the urge to yell at the characters and warn them to start running as fast as they can.

And when the truth finds out and the developer takes his rage and sense of betrayal out on the young husband, which is played to perfection by the highly underrated Vince Vaughn, it’s impossible to look away even though your heart is going a million miles an hour. It’s more terrifying than any monster movie could ever hope to be.

The interesting thing about the movie is that the way it’s shot is very simple. No one tried to resort to crazy camera angles, bizarre lighting techniques, or stunning stunts to keep the viewer engaged. The director, Mark Romanek, was happy to let the actors do what they do best, act their hearts out, and the end result is a bone chilling psychological thriller.

In this role, Robin Williams proves that he’s capable of putting together a stunning performance that doesn’t rely on any type of comedy. My question is, would One-Hour Photo have been as terrifying if the viewers weren’t already conditioned to thinking of Robin Williams as a warm, fun, actor?

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