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Hollywood Magic or a Dud: Snatched Review

Snatched Review by Oren Loni

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I finally got around to seeing Snatched.

I’ve actually been looking forward to this movie for quite a while because in my mind, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schummer seem like a pretty much unbeatable combination.

According to Hollywood gossip, Amy Schummer worked hard to make this movie happen. Every single time she ran into Goldie Hawn at an event, she approached the talented actress and begged her to agree to a mother-daughter style comedy, which considering the Hawn didn’t know who Schummer was at the time was a pretty bold move. Eventually, Hawn acquiesced and Snatched made its way to the silver screen.

Considering how talented both actors are, I expected the movie to be successful even if the script was horrible. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The premise isn’t very complicated. When a series of events leads to Schummer’s character, Emily, having a pre-arranged trip to Ecuador planned out and no one to go with her, she bugs her mother, Linda, played by Hawn, into going with her. Hawn is reluctant, she’d not comfortable with the idea of such a huge adventure, but when Emily reminds her that she was once a fun loving, freewheeling soul, Linda relents.

Hollywood Magic or Dud

The trip to paradise quickly turns into a hellish trip when the mother and daughter are kidnapped for ransom and have to use their wits to escape.

Oren Loni’s biggest complaint with Snatched is that it was written and/or directed in such a way that Schummer stole most of the scenes and as a result Goldie Hawn was never allowed to shine, and I’m sorry, but it seems to me that when you have an actress who has come out of a 15-year hiatus and is as skilled as Hawn, you should get out of her way and let her do what she does best which is charm and delight the people who paid hard earned money to watch her. There’s exactly one scene where Hawn was really allowed to do what she does best.

The second problem with the movie was that it was far more predictable and clichéd than I anticipated, given how much talent was involved with the making of the film.

While the movie did elicit a few chuckles, I would hardly call it movie magic. I do hope that Hawn continues to act and that she’s given something that really allows her unique acting skills to shine.

One word of caution, the movie relies on a quite a bit of crude humor. Schummer fans will be fine with it, but people who go because they adore Goldie Hawn might be put off. In my experience, that sort of crude humor is an acquired taste.

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