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Epic Movie Car Scenes

They Have to Know Their Way Around Cars

The directors and camera people aren’t necessarily car buffs, their main concern is getting a shot just right. It’s up to the stunt men and on scene mechanics to know that the car is ready to go, to determine if the car is capable of pulling off whatever trick the director wants. Read more on Hollywood Stunt drivers here.

They Have to Follow Directions

The biggest thing that gets stunt drivers in trouble, especially younger ones who think they know everything, is having their own thoughts about how something should happen. They spend too much time telling people how they think things should be done instead of actually doing them. It generally doesn’t take much of this before they’re escorted off the set.

Good stunt drivers know how to follow directions, but they also know how to communicate concerns about a particular trick without sounding pushy. These stunt drivers go onto become the best in the business and are in high demand.

They’re Patient

Movie sets have a hurry up and wait vibe. One minute it seems like everything is happening in a blur of activity and that everyone is panicked about capturing the next shot, and the next a stunt driver finds themselves sitting in a hot car for an hour while they wait for a camera to be set up. Good stunt drivers know that this is just the way the business works and wait quietly until they’re told to do something.

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They’re Willing to do the Same Thing Over and Over Again

It’s very rare for a scene to be shot in a single take. Often, the director asks for one take after another, making tiny changes each time until they’re convinced they’ve gotten the exact image, sound, motion, light, they desire. Good stunt drivers are willing to perform the same stunt over and over again until the director is happy. They never complain about how tedious or time consuming this process is.

The easiest and fastest way to become a stunt driver is attending stunt driver school. Not only will the instructors teach you all sorts of cool driving techniques, it’s also a good way to make contacts that could help you land your dream, stunt driving job.

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